Olympic National Park

March 30, 2020 Uncategorized

Where glacier-tipped mountains rub elbows with rocky coastline

Since 1938, visitors have been enjoying Olympic National Park, one of the West’s great wilderness areas. Ninety-five percent of this largely roadless marvel is untouched and undeveloped, making it the perfect place for camping and backcountry exploration. In winter, snow-based activities are popular, and during the other three seasons, visitors love to discover its wooded expanses and extensive shoreline. Home to dozens of species of mammals and aquatic life, it’s not uncommon to see elk locking antlers, whales breaching the surface of the sea and salmon surging upstream. And Olympic’s relatively close proximity to urban areas makes it an easy and affordable destination for overnight stays or weekend trips.

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Covering more than 4,000 square kilometers of the Olympic Peninsula in the northeast corner of Washington state, Olympic National Park encompasses several distinctly different ecosystems and protects a rich mosaic of natural and cultural history. Untamed rivers flow from glacier-capped peaks through valleys of old-growth forests, waves crash against a shoreline rich with life and hiking trails traverse the vast interior of this stunning wilderness.

Olympic offers endless possibilities for recreation, sightseeing, study and relaxation. At the heart of the peninsula you’ll find opportunities to hike through the lush temperate rain forest, climb towering peaks or, come wintertime, cross-country ski along mountain trails. On the western edge of the peninsula, enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean as you stroll past tidal pools and craggy tide-worn cliffs.

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